Area Industruelle madagaskar loan Sfax

Sfax - Tunisia

Tel (Office): (+216) 74498708
Park: (+216) 74497290
Fax: (+216) 74497956

We are a service company transport business, including our principal activity is the transport of goods that what ever their natures, and public works (building, road, maritime works…) Approval by Ministry of Equipment No. 610437 and we also carry other services such as degassing and cleaning storage tanks of petroleum, crude, cleaning tanks on tugboats on behalf of oil companies, the moving platforms, all kind of handling, etc. ... .

Our company has succeeded in a short period of a loyal clientele of renowned national who has always given its most sensitive missions with any assurance of being completely satisfied. Our clients represent areas of different activities, thus demonstrating our ability to fully integrate into any environment, as different as they are.

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